Nexx App - NXG - Shared User (Nexx home)

Nexx App - NXG - Shared User (Nexx home)

To allow other people access to control your garage door opener, follow these steps:

1. Have the shared user install the Nexx Home app on their phone and create their own Nexx account with their own email and password.

2. From your phone, log into the Nexx Home app using your account email.

3. Tap on the device you want to share from the home screen

4. Tap on settings option which is on the top right-hand side.

5. Tap on Just Share option, Enter the other person's account email (that they had used to register for the Nexx account), and select the type of permissions you would like them to have and tap "Save".

After you have done the above steps, have the other person (the shared person):

6. Login with their email account, go to Menu->Share, and from the list, tap your email account. A new screen should appear, allowing them to set certain settings like notifications.