Nexx garage NXG-100 - Sensors Test

Nexx garage NXG-100 - Sensors Test


This step is to verify if the sensors are working and you are getting proper notifications when the garage door is opened or closed.

1. Open Nexx Garage App to the garage control button screen.

2. Make sure the sensor cable is connected to the Nexx Garage device.

3. Hold the 2 sensors together (You should see the garage status as "Close" on the app)

4. Wait 3-5 seconds then slowly move the 2 sensors apart (You should see the garage status as "Open" on the app).

To verify this, disconnect the sensor cable from the Nexx Garage device.  The mobile app should show that your garage door is open.

Additionally, if your door is metal, try putting a piece of cardboard or wood behind the sensors for better open/close detection.

If the sensors are working properly you should see the proper notifications.

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