Nexx garage NXG-100 - Sensor Notification Issues - Steps to Resolve

Nexx garage NXG-100 - Sensor Notification Issues - Steps to Resolve

Below are the steps to resolve sensor notification issues:

For existing installation where the sensor has already been installed:

1)  Manually refresh the door status by pulling down on the App button screen.

Does your door status show the correct status after this manual refresh?

2) Are the sensors still within the 1/8 to 1/4 inch gap?  Over time, the sensors may shift due to the natural contraction/expansion of your home due to certain temperature conditions. 

3) Can you still open and close the garage door with the App button? 

4) Do you have the latest firmware? Check Menu > About Device and tell us the current device firmware you have.

5) Log out of the app, delete the app, reboot your phone, download the app again, and log back in. Then open and close the garage door by pressing the app button.  Does the door activate?  If yes, did it give the correct status?

Additionally, if your door is metal, try putting a piece of cardboard or wood behind the sensors for better open/close detection.

For new installation and you have not yet installed the sensor

Have you already performed the sensor test and if not perform it as followed:

1. Open Nexx Garage App to the garage control button screen.

2. Make sure the sensor cable is connected to the Nexx Garage device.

3. Hold the 2 sensors together (You should see the garage status as "Close" on the app)

4. Wait 3 seconds then slowly move the 2 sensors apart (You should see the garage status as "Open" on the app).

To verify this, disconnect the sensor cable from the Nexx Garage device.  The mobile app should show that your garage door is open.

Should the issue not resolve, please email us a picture of the sensor installation and indicate whether you had already performed the above steps to resolve the issue, and we can provide further assistance.