Nexx Garage NXG-200 - Pairing and installing the wireless sensor

Nexx Garage NXG-200 - Pairing and installing the wireless sensor

Pairing and installing the wireless sensor

Before pairing the sensor, check the following below first:
  1. Make sure that the device is online and connected to WiFi. The light on the device should be solid blue indicating the device is connected to WiFi. 
  2. Make sure that the paper tab insulating the battery from the terminals is removed. 

1. Press the pairing button next to the WiFi antenna on the base unit. The device will beep two times indicating it's in pairing mode. 

2. After getting the two beeps, move the sensor slowly from a vertical position (upright) to a horizontal position (LED lights facing the floor) back and forth a few times until you get three beeps. When moving the sensor, don't go too fast as the sensor is calibrated to the door movement. 

3. When pairing is successful, you should get three beeps. If pairing fails, the device will beep once for two seconds. Try pairing again if it fails.

4. Using the provided Velcro strips, attach the wireless sensor to the top middle of your garage door or at the top farthest from LED lamps.  It's best to install it farthest from any LED lamps as certain lights produce background noise which may interfere with the wireless sensor. 

If you have any issue with your wireless sensor, check out this wireless sensor troubleshooting article:
or email for further assistance.