Nexx Garage NXG-100 - Sensor Test

Nexx Garage NXG-100 - Sensor Test

When you are having issues with the door status not showing correctly, please check that your device firmware is on version 3.3.19 and up. To check device firmware  tap device settings, then tap device info. Then make sure that you have the sensors installed using the recommended setup below:

Once you've confirmed the firmware and recommended installation/setup. Proceed to doing the sensor test listed below.

1. Check the "red connector" where your sensor is connected to. Disconnect the red connector and the wired sensor, then plug it back in.

2. Using your wall button or your remote control, open/close the door and check if the led light on the device changes or blinks.

3. If step two doesn't show changes to the led light, try tapping the sensors together. You should see the led light on the device blink/change. When you move them apart, it should also show the led light blink or change.

4. If step 3 does not show any changes to the led light, then disconnect the wired sensor again from the red connector and inside the red connector, you will see two terminals. Using a small piece of wire or flathead screwdriver, please "short" the two terminals and check if the led light changes/blinks.

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