Nexx Garage Adapter

Nexx Garage Adapter

If your garage door is not compatible with Nexx Garage and doesn't work out of the box by default, then we have available the Nexx Garage Adapter which can make an incompatible garage door opener work with Nexx Garage. The Nexx Garage Adapter is a universal remote replicator that will copy your existing remote and make it work with Nexx Garage.

Here are the general steps in using it:

1.  Follow the included instructions to copy your existing remote code to the Nexx Garage Adapter.

2.  Go to your garage door opener and pair the opener with Nexx Garage Adapter. Typically, you will need to press the learn/code button on the back of the opener and then press button #1 on the Nexx Garage Adapter. See your garage door opener manual for more detailed instructions.

3.  Connect Nexx Garage Adapter to Nexx Garage as shown in the attached image.

Please note that Nexx Garage Adapter is powered by a battery that will need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.

Currently, we are offering this accessory for FREE for incompatible garage door opener customers. If you have an incompatible opener and would like a FREE Nexx Garage Adapter then please provide:

1) Your garage door opener model.
2) Your Nexx Garage account email address with which you have configured your Nexx device OR an order proof of purchase.
3) Your shipping address. 

Upon receipt of the provided information, we will ship the adapter in 1 business day, and you will receive it in 3-5 business days.