Nexx App - What to do when door is opening on its own

Nexx App - What to do when door is opening on its own

First check the activity history screen in the Nexx Home app to determine what triggered the door to open on it's own. 

If it was opened by "HOME" this means it was triggered by the wall switch or the remote control. Someone else may also have a remote with the same frequency as your opener - try clearing all learned remotes and pair them back to the opener again. This can also be triggered if the wires for the wall switch are accidentally shorted out - check the opener terminals and make sure the wires aren't close enough for them to accidentally short out. 

If the activity screen shows the door was opened with your name and with "Auto" at the end this means it was triggered by Auto Open.  If you were at home and not actually driving check if you are logged in to the Nexx Home app on a different phone using the same Nexx account email and password. We don't recommend you login to the Nexx account on a different device using the same Nexx account email and password as this will cause issues especially if you have Auto Open turned on. If you need to share access with someone else or login to a different phone create a new Nexx account for that user / phone and share access using the Just Share feature in the Nexx Home app. 

There are also some issues with iOS phones creating false geofence triggers so if you have an iOS phone and are not logged in to a different phone but the app still triggers Auto Open when you're at home try the steps below. 

  1. Under Location Settings in your iPhone set the "Allow Location Access" as "Never" and force close the Nexx Home app. Wait a minute or so and then go back into the Location Settings and set "Allow Location Access" to "Always" again.
  1. Under your iPhone's Settings page select General - Background App Refresh - make sure it's turned on and the setting next to the Nexx app is turned on as well.
  1. Also - there are other reports about the "Low Power Mode" setting on the iPhone automatically turning off Background App Refresh and causing false geofence triggers so make sure to turn that off under Settings - Battery.

If the activity screen shows opened by "Schedule" check the schedule screen to see if you have any schedules created that could be triggering the door. 

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