Nexx App - How to enable Auto Open on Android phones

Nexx App - How to enable Auto Open on Android phones

On your phone go to Settings - Location - set this to “High Accuracy

On the Nexx Home app go to Device Settings (tap the gear icon) - Just Drive and enable the switch for Auto Open. 

Make sure you are standing in front of the garage door before you tap the Set Device Location button and once you do, wait for the “Update Success” message before exiting the screen or moving somewhere else. 

Next tap the Set trigger radius button. Set your Auto Open distance (we recommend trying 140 - 150 first) and verify that the blue pin is in the general location of your garage. Click Save at the top right once you’re done. 

After setting the radius and you get back to the Just Drive screen click Save at the top right to save the settings. You should get the message "Auto Open settings updated successfully" at the bottom.

Log out then log back in to the Nexx app. 

Make sure to enable mobile / cellular data in your phone's settings so the app has an internet connection while not connected to your home WiFi network. 

When testing Auto Open make sure to drive at least a mile out before driving back as the app checks to see if you've left the general area of your device location - if it detects that you haven't left the area then it won't trigger the door to open. 


  • Check if Auto Open setting is actually turned ON
  • Reset your device location
  • Increase / decrease your Auto Open distance location
  • Log out / log back into the app 
  • Check your phone’s location settings
  • Verify Mobile Data is turned On by turning off WiFi and tap the button on the app to see if the door will activate. If you can activate the door through the app even when WiFi is turned off then the app has internet access through mobile data. If not, then please refer to your carrier on how to enable mobile data on your phone. 

If you are a shared user go to Device Settings - Just Drive and check if Auto Open is enabled and the radius is set. The device location is only set on the primary device.  

Some Android phones will actively try and kill the app or turn off mobile data / location services once the phone is asleep to preserve battery life. If you've done all the above and Auto Open still is not working try driving up with the app active on the screen and see if Auto Open would work. 

If you are using a Samsung phone - it has a feature called Unmonitored Apps where you can add the Nexx app as an exception so the phone doesn't actively try to kill it. That feature should be under Settings - Device Maintenance - Battery - Unmonitored Apps. 

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