Latest device firmware for Nexx Garage NXG-100, Nexx Garage NXG-200, Nexx Plug NXPG-100, and Nexx Home app versions

Latest device firmware for Nexx Garage NXG-100, Nexx Garage NXG-200, Nexx Plug NXPG-100, and Nexx Home app versions

As of 8/14/2020 the current latest firmware version numbers are as follows:

NXG-100 - 3.3.19

NXG-200 - 3.0.2

NXPG-100 - 4.0.0

Nexx Home iOS - 3.0.3

Nexx Home Android - 3.0.3

If your firmware version numbers are lower than the above and there is no option in the app to update the firmware version, or if after trying to update, and‚Äč it fails, contact so we can push the firmware manually to your device. Include the primary Nexx account email address the device is registered under.  

Please make sure you temporarily turn off your firewall or connect the Nexx to a temporary WiFi network that has no firewall as the firewall may prevent the update from going through. 

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