Nexx Garage - How to connect Nexx device to an extender?

Nexx Garage - How to connect Nexx device to an extender?

To connect the Nexx Garage to your extender, you will need to redo the setup. Make sure that your extender is broadcasting a 2.4GHz WiFi signal. You will need to reset the device and reconfigure it on your extender's WiFi name. To reset, just hold the "reset" button on the Nexx Garage device for at least 15 seconds or until the led light turns solid green. Once it is solid green, delete the device in your Nexx Home app and then tap the plus sign to do the setup again. Before doing the setup, connect your phone to the Extender first, then go back into the app and tap the plus sign to start the process. When you reach the part where it is asking you to enter your WiFi password, make sure that it is showing the SSID or WiFi name for your extender.
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