Do you ship outside USA ?

Do you ship outside USA ?

International shipping may be available for Nexx Garage through  To see if the product is available for shipping to your shipping address, you can try putting the item in your Amazon shopping cart and choose the desired shipping method, and then you can see what the shipping rate will be to the destination address.
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    • International (Non-US) Order Process and Shipping Cost

      1.  Provide a shipping address to us to determine the shipping postage cost. 2.  We let you know the postage cost and if agreeable, make a Paypal payment to us to cover the order and shipping cost. 3.  Upon payment receipt, we ship the order out in ...
    • Temperature Operating for Nexx Garage

      The operating temperature for the device is 32 F to 104 F.  Temperature outside of this range may affect the device optimal performance.
    • Nexx Garage Adapter

      If your garage door is not compatible with Nexx Garage and doesn't work out of the box by default, then we have available the Nexx Garage Adapter which can make an incompatible garage door opener work with Nexx Garage. The Nexx Garage Adapter is a ...
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      If you had paid $1 in the Reserve a Spot to purchase Nexx Alarm for the $79 deal price with the Free-for-Life Pro Plan, below is the order, payment, and shipping process: 1.  Go to Kickstarter before the campaign ends on 11/06/20 and place your order ...
    • Can I return my Nexx device?

      For the return of a purchase from our website,, you can return the product within 90 days of purchase for a full refund, excluding shipping costs, no questions asked. For a return please email to receive a return ...