Nexx Garage - NXG Compatibility Test

Nexx Garage - NXG Compatibility Test

Nexx Garage is compatible with the majority of the garage door openers. We are consistently updating and upgrading our compatible/incompatible list. 

Please perform the test given below to check your Garage door opener's compatibility. 

To test if your garage door opener is compatible, take a wire with both ends stripped or a straightened-out paper clip and put each end to the same terminals as the wall button wires are terminated. By doing so, if your door activates, then your garage door opener is compatible with Nexx Garage. If the door does not activate, then the opener is not compatible by default. 

This video demonstrates the compatibility test: 

According to your garage door opener user manual, these should be the 2 left terminals. 

For incompatible openers, we offer an adapter solution that can get incompatible openers to work with Nexx Garage. 

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