Auto Open Setup

Auto Open Setup

For Auto Open setup, first check your phone settings:

Android location setting:

Privacy and safety -> Location -> Location method -> GPS, Wi-Fi, and Mobile networks.   If it's GPS only then it will not work.  

IPhone setting:

Enable Motion and Fitness in your phone settings.

Setup Auto Open in Nexx Garage App:
1. Menu (3 little bars at top left)>Settings>Auto Open [Enable Auto Open Door], [Enable Active Period and set enabled time].

2. When you are at home, from the App, go to menu>configure device, tap "Update Device Location".

3. Log out and then log back in.  

4. Drive test: drive 1 mile away from home and then come back. Have your phone in the open (not in your pocket/purse/enclosed compartment) when you are going towards your garage.

5. Garage door should automatically open.

Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you.

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